Thursday, August 18, 2005

Irritating Boy~!!

Boys, boys, boys!! Obnoxiously rude and irrelevant when it comes to a simple disagreement! I suppose it's in their inferior genes to spite their own nose when what we all needed was just a simple answer? What is this, a fight against humanity or something? I mean, come on already! One pathetic problem. One large catastrophe? Dammit, can't they ever think right? If you want to express your views, EXPRESS THEM PROPERLY! No one listens to a rude and obnoxious person, no matter how strong their points are. And especially when it involves US and TEACHERS!! Bloody hell, that guy really pissed me off today. Not that I give much of a damn, but his attitude is waaay below the belt! It's more pathetic than the dirt on the ground. C'mon man, next time, show your views PROPERLY. Unless of course, you're pretty much unable to do so due to a range of low E.Q. and I.Q.
Okay, enough ranting, I'll explain why am I getting so worked up here. Right, it all started after our daily assembly in school. Us Sixth Formers(Upper Six on one side, Lower Six on the other) were told to gather around for a short meeting, or so it seemed. Turns out that our former Sixth-former Club president wanted to discuss about our farewell party that was supposedly to be held next week at a hotel(buffet hi-tea o_O). It was a simple problem really, just the fact that NO ONE wants to attend it, yet the teacher kept on insisting on it. Then this ever-so-lovely guy that I fear his brain does not connect fully to his mouth, spoke up somewhat harshly that he refuses to attend the party AND wants his subscription fee back from the club. I mean, what the hell is he saying man, does he not know the basic RULES of a club? What freakin club would be in their right mind to return those cash back? Once paid, it's non-refundable dude! Get THAT in your thick, lame-brained skull! And there was this dumb idea of his stating that why should all the lower sixth formers receive a doorgift using THEIR money. Like, HELLO, where the HELL was he when the teacher said doorgifts would be given to the UPPER SIXERS??? Stupid I said, his brain is not connected with his mouth...or rather, his ear come to think of it. Really, that oh-so-blatantly-sweet-soul-BRAT really made our discussion one HELLUVA long one!! Gee, thanks a bunch..NOT!! Not only that, he suggested donating their part of subscription to charity. Heck, I don't give a damn, really. It's their money, it's their suggestion. But what pissed me off was that when the teacher asked WHAT charity are they going to donate the cash to, he said-guess what he said-well, he said, "WHATEVER CHARITY-LAH!" (yea yeah, we Malaysians are prone to using the word -lah at most sentences. bad habit never dies =p). I mean, wanna donate? FINE!! Stop being rude man!! It's like your some sort of prehistoric ape that whacks everything he sees to get his own way. Again...STUPID IDIOT OF A BOY...

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