Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Since I am not interested anymore for those who reads my blog and says it is unfair for me to say so if it is untrue, I will discontinue mentioning anything in my blog. So sorry for those who often reads my blog. Send me an email or SMS if you want to know what's going on in life.

Note: I would post event happenings now and then if there are requests.

To my friends, if you want to take off my blog from your blogs then by all means please do so. I have a feeling you'll be stuck with an 'empty' blog later on. Again, there is a way to see what is going on in my life. But not here, since I am supposedly being unfair for ranting in my own blog. Right. How nice.

NOW, I'm going to mention names, but only those whom I know and they know me and they DON'T MIND ME DOING SO.

iluna-thanks for your support dear =)
naoko- *hugs*
hisashi- I didn't do what you told me to do, but I feel better now
neko- don't be jealous *lol*
heal- thanks for teaching me pangya XD
tokiya- more songs!!!
yukina- thanks for being there for me =)
demonic angel, killua, daigoro, keako, benee, spire-thanks for the awesome dinner after CF ^^
spire, kaede, mogi-thanks for helping me out with the booth =)
#comicfiesta peeps-a big bunch of thanks for enduring my rants. I really appreciate it *hugs everyone*

That's about it. Bye.

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