Sunday, July 13, 2008

AniCom 2008

AniCom RAWKS!!!

I just wish you guys could have been there for me =/

Ah well....

Grats to SkyPeg for winning the skit <3333 I am not gonna live this down am I? I think I am now SkyPeg's shota for life. LOL If I can get some pictures from my friends, I'll post them here with credits to them ^^

Here's one of em!! Credits to Zymz for this awesome pic ^^

Oh and LMAO!! My eyebrows made me look like a gorilla XDDDDDDDD Credits to Mintochuu for applying that makeup on my eyebrows for me for that!! <3333 I don't look like me, do I? :P

For those who haven't figure out who these two are, they're Syaoran and Sakura of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles from an Illustration version :P

If I can go, I wanna go the following week's AniCom!! Wanna support my friends too after they had supported us!! >____<>_< Going to KL is expensive DX

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