Tuesday, August 26, 2008


With just one word people can be affected by it.

Am I your friend?

Are you my friend?

Why can't you be my friend?

We are no longer friends...

You are my best friend.

See how with just this one word, people's perceptions may change? To a certain degree, their self-esteem may be affected as well.

Odd, isn't it? With friends, you can move far. Yet with friends, they may hinder you.

Here's several pictures of the friends I made in college, whether close or not :)

Meet Amir! He's the college sweetie pie that we all love to disturb!! Hehehe....Pity he's done with his degree already =/

Meet Doll!! No, that's not her real name but her nickname XD She's pretty funky and quirky at the same time...and quite direct too at times!! Hahahaha

Meet my wife!! (left side) Pity I rarely see her nowadays *sighs* Get her to scream, you'll definitely plug your ears!!

Meet our Sleeping Beauty~ She's nuts over chocolate...and boy oh boy did she lose helluva weight since I first met her! ><

And this is Yvie~~Ironically this is the only single shot I have of her, and it was taken quietly too!! Hahahaha...this girl knows her priorities and does not shirk in telling other so if necessary XD and she's good on craftworks too! :P

Meet Ms Iylia. She's sensitive and knows how to listen. She's like a pillar for some people too *hint hint* Hehehe...Best of all, she's my DDR partner when I feel like dancing XD

So you've met Yvie. The one next to her on her right is Putri. A pretty naive girl actually, but she's quirky in her own sense :)

And finally, a picture of me and my friends :)

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