Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Why am I amused? The whole thing is falling apart. And I pulled out before it crumbled and bury me down alive. Haha. So, you think we are not so important eh? You think you can use me and scorn my pals? Oh goodness, you have so much to learn. And guess what? I am waaaaay younger than you are, and I can act more professional than you! Heh heh.

So it looks like everyone's boycotting your pet now. And from the looks of it, I heard even you will be boycotting your sweet pet. Haha. Who cares, eh? Who cares that this whole thing was established for good purposes, and for the enjoyment of everyone? All you ever think of is yourself. You, your nonstop bragging, and your boastfulness that any events you handle will be successful. Oh goodness gracious me, where did you even get that idea? Ever stop to wonder who actually makes those events a success? Certainly not you! All you ever do is sit around lazing while we get it done. And as for those contacts that you kept on going on and on and on, I sometimes wonder if they even still keep in touch with you. Hell, you could help us out by giving us those contacts to work on with. But noooo, you just had to pull that idiotic disappearing act and expects us to toil around just for you.

Hmmm...okay I'm ranting in anger. LoL. I'll stop and continue being amused.

So let's see....ah yes. The whole thing is crumbling. Two had pulled out, and two events are approaching soon. And let's see....I am torn between being superbly scornful and being disgusted with the way your pet handles it both. Haha. Have fun. Good luck.

You're definitely going to need it.

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