Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Comic Fiesta 2008

So Comic Fiesta 2008 is over. I may not have pictures of cosplayers, but I managed to have fun snapping pictures with Alex to kill off the boredom (I was handling two booths lol)

Note that Alex finally has a new wig and a new kimono :D

First batch is with her brother, Eri ^^

Eri: I am the keeper of Alex the  Cute!! >D

Alex: ........*mutter*cute?*mutter*

Eri: Come one and come all~~

Alex: ....I feel like a closed up rat...

Alex: ....but I do like this place...and the clothes are nice on me...

Alex: Mmmm.....would Shirota nee-chan like me in this kimono I wonder?

Alex: *continues talking to herself*

Eri: Wheee....sis lookie look! I'm showing you off! :D

Alex: *sighs* are, aren't you? My keeper for the day *snickers*
Eri: Yes I am! *grins happily*

Me: You two really look good together :D :D :D*snaps more pictures*

Eri: We do? <3>
Second batch is with Aedan ^^

Alex: Uhhh.....why are you wearing a skirt? o_O
Aedan: *stares at his owner* Like I have a choice?

Alex: Ahh...I know how that feels too *nods sagely* Mum forces me to wear skirts nowadays too, and I usually hate it >_>;;
Aedan:'re a girl!

Alex: ....doesn't mean I'll like it

Aedan: ...good point

*both looking at different directions lol*



Just to credit the maker of the wonderful kimonos that Alex, Aedan and Eri are wearing: SaintAya's mum!!! Price may be rather expensive, but they're really worth it!! :D :D :D :D

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