Sunday, January 04, 2009

Dollmeet @ Starbucks The Gardens PART ONE

Had another dollmeet (Thanks Saintaya and GukiChan for calling me out!!! ^^) so here are the pictures. I don't have much though, so these will (hopefully) do ^^

Color codes (for the dialogue)




Alex looking melancholy by the window

*sighs* I wanna go out...

Hmmm...I wonder if the raindrops do make a pattern...

Kira Kira lights *o* (translation: sparkly lights)

Oh lookie, a girl entering a car....*mutters*take me with you please*mutters*
Alex! >=/

*sighs* Ah well, she's gone anyway *waves bye bye*

Hey I can see my reflection!!

Now what is Alex doing...

Nee-chan, come on~~~it's picture time and I haven't taken any pictures with you yet!!! DX
Noooooo..........not in this outfit!!!!! *tries to escape*

*suddenly sporting a pair of sunglasses*
Awwwww come on Alex nee-chan!! D:

Kyaaaaaaaa nooooooo T___T

*Eri tries to pull* ne ne come nyao~~

*manages to escape*


This really looks like some weird love scene o_O

Time stands still


I'll update with more pictures later ^^ This is just post one!!! :D :D :D

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