Friday, February 06, 2009

A Gift for Aedan...and a small photoshoot

I took these set of pictures especially for kaera's boy, Aedan actually. It's a bag for him!! X3

Sadly, Alex got jealous cause I bought him a bag and nothing for her...(wait that's not true I bought hairclips for her!!! *gets smacked*) and so she decided to check out the bag for herself first. And I laughed. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA....

Might end up gettin a similar bronzed color bag for her (cause I really liked it and it's cheap XD )

me: ^_____________^;; it's for Aedan my dear...

Alex: But this bag is so nice...and you never bought a bag for me TwT
me: o_O you like it? I thought you hated girly stuffs...

Alex: But this is nice...

Alex: ...and the inside is sooo big...
me: lol don't simply open other people's bag, Alex

Alex: *experiments*

Alex: I look like a schoolgirl, yes?
me: Yeah....mix-and-matched schoolgirl...

Alex: The bag is so nice...


Alex: Mum...can I have this bag please? :3
me: ;___; it's for Aedan...not for you...but next time I get one for you okay?

Alex: yay!!


And this is a random photoshoot I had with her haha


dangit her arm looks weird =___=;;


Alex: Stop taking pictures of me! *shy*
Me: But you look so cute X3




That is all from me now ^___^

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michelleho said...

You're beginning to sound a bit weird la tokking to urself! Hahaha~