Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lovely Dollmeet with Lovely Results

Today's dollmeet was an interesting one really. Not only did I attend a photoshoot as a model, Alex and Luna had gotten new clothes as well :) The photoshoot was done in order to help a friend compile a portfolio for his assignment due, so me and loli helped out ^^

Without any further ado, here are the two adorable girls in their new matching eyes and wigs, and Lunabelle in her new clothes and shoes! :D

The two sweet girls together ^^ 

Alex looks surprisingly good with long hair actually. She's more model-like now :D Though this is just telling me to get her a proper sundress for Summer swts 

The two sisters cuddling. Such a sweet sight X3 

Lunabelle's full outfit: Bonnet, pink striped outer layer, white skirt, bloomers, pink lolita shoes 

Introducing Elissa! She belongs to guki now X3 Alex adores her as well!! Hahaha...Elissa was formerly known as Ivory, who belonged to Chris ^^

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