Tuesday, September 15, 2009

When Life serves you Lemonades....

Alex wishes thank you to all who came for her birthday party :)

One picture at a time this time I guess. I'm being rather lazy updating blogs lately. The last exciting event I had was Alex's birthday party which was held at Ikano Power Center, Starbucks on the first week of September :)
Life has always been a pain in the ass so nothing's new in life for now. I've seen and heard so many backstabbings, so many bitchings, and well, more bitches popping out like daisies. Some even involving friends becoming now-ex-friends, if there is such a thing! Hahahaha...regardless, I prefer to take things relaxed and ignore them. After all, why should I worry my pretty little head so much? You don't like me then fine, you don't like me. I'm not gonna make you like me :) Like I always say, "I am who I am, and you are who you are. If you don't like who I am, don't try to make me who YOU are." If that even makes sense to you guys anyway hahahaha...
Blogs are meant for us to talk. They are meant for us to be creative. Some bloggers use blogs to pour out their feelings. I find this all well. So long no names are mentioned, so long no titles or obvious hints are mentioned, it is fine. Heck when I say I am bitching about a friend, it could be anyone! For all you know, it could even be my pet! If you felt that I was talking about you then, well, too bad. You're just being overly self-conscious I suppose. Or you had done the deed. *shrugs*
Reading other people's blogs is something that I rarely do. Why should I purposely click on their journals to read anyway? I do at times, but only when I am really bored or I was requested to read their posts. You rant, I listen. You bitch, I listen. Whaddya want me to say? "Eh you shouldn't do that cause it's bad!"? Naaaaaah even if I ever do say that I doubt anyone would listen hahahaha....
Staying at home can be a real pain at times. I'm slowly turning into a housewife surviving the daily chores of life. But *gasp* how on earth did I gain so much weight?! *cries* I really need to start exercising again *sighs*
Little Lolita is having her basic troubles again at school. Too bad I can't be there with her, but I am required more at home :) I rather forgot how many people knows about my problem in that circle of friends. Goodness knows, I'm pretty reluctant to tell. Why should I anyway? None of their business.
Growing up has made me wary of people. Backstabbers, bitches, bastards, sly foxes, you name it, I've experienced it. Assumptions are always made. People always think I am this dumb blonde that knows nothing. Then again, they don't know me. And I don't fully allow them to. Even until today, I don't understand how those people whom I used to call friends, be such real pain in the asses. For crying out loud people, stop being such a bitch!
Well, it's pretty difficult to rant/bitch about stuffs without going too much into details anyway. So I'll end this here. After all, my thoughts are so jumbled up here. Good luck sorting them out if you're actually reading this!

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SilverC said...

yea too bad! >=O stoopid humans! they don't need to know! *>_<*