Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Beauty Makeover Session - Girl Bonding Time!

Had a small meetup with a couple of my friends to have a mini makeover session with them, whereby they become my lab rats for makeup styles, and I get to experiment different colors and techniques on them ^^ Thanks so much for attending girls! Photo credits are to Lina, whom was kind enough to pass me photos of the day :)

My 88 eyeshadow palette that caused awe on that day lol. You can view the rest of my cosmetics in one of my older posts xD I'm too lazy to link it for now hahahaha

Aaaaaand here are my models! :D 

Model number one: Izzu

Themed color: Pink/Red

Model Number Two: Tibbar

Themed Color: Pink/Purple

Model Number Three: Swing

Themed Color: Blue


Ready? Let the challenge begin!!!


My first model was Izzu, and since I wanted the makeover to match her outfit on that day, I decided on pink with a hint of red to compliment her red top. Since it's her first time getting a makeover done I decided to make it a slightly girly style, with a hint of matureness (that she managed to pull it off!). I'm quite happy with the results ^^ 

After applying concealer and pressed powder on her face, I moved on to applying eyeshadow base on her eyelids. The base is quite sheer yet slightly shimmery, so it helps to blend the rest of the colors well on her eyelids. I use ELF Eye Transformer in pale pink on her eyes. 

Using a darker shade of pink, I applied it all over her eyelids to accentuate it more, gradiating it from the bottom to below 

Eyeliner is then applied to 'pop' the eyes further 

My favorite style is the winged liner, whereby I apply eyeliner in a swallowtail style on the eyelid. It gives that fuller lashes look when her eyes are opened :)
Model one is done! Onwards to the next model... (oh don't worry, you'll see the final result at the end of this page) ^^ 
Our next model is the lovely Tibbar,  who is also a first timer in my makeover session (well, I don't have that many in the first place hahaha). Her theme was Pink and Purple,  so that her style is different from Izzu, and it rather matches her pink t-shirt as well. A flirty girl look for her!

Concealer and powder applied on as usual, I applied ELF Eye Transformer in Light Pink on her eyelids as base. This is followed by a sweet pink eyeshadow all over the lid, followed by a darker pink on the outer corner of her eye. Silver eyeshadow is brushed to highlight her browbone just a bit. I then use Coastal Scents gel eyeliner in Plum to line her eyes further. This gives her that casual look if compared to using black which can sometimes be too harsh on the whole look.

False eyelashes were then applied, followed by a coating of mascara. 

How it looked like with her eye closed :)
Model number two done! Now it's the third one, Swing! Her theme was Blue; no particular reason for this theme really, cause she was wearing black and practically any color could suit her by then hahaha. So we decided on blue ^^

As usual, concealer and powder :) Concealer is used under her eyes, the sides of her nose (redness) as well as any other redness on her skin. 

As usual (again), ELF Eye Transformer in Light Blue all over her eyelids :) Sorry, I am using my fingers on this one hahahahaha 

Yes that is me lawls 

Light blue eyeshadow on her eyes, followed a darker blue on her outer eyes. 

First phase: completed!
At that point, her eyeshadow bled quite a lot on her bottom eye, so i decided to use a blending brush and smudge it slightly to complete the look. Makes her eyes look bigger too lol 

Applying liquid eyeliner on her eyes before attaching false lashes and a coat of mascara. 

First attempt on lashes failed, so I had to do it twice haha. Another coat of eyeliner to even out the eyes, as well as to hide the harsh line the false lashes could create on the eyes.
Model Three done! All three models were blushed lightly in the end, though lipcolor are by the models themselves xD
Ready? Here's the three models AFTER the makeover session:



Many thanks once again to you three, and to Lina, who attended this session. Hope to see you guys again soon! :)

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