Monday, January 17, 2011

Project 365-15: Ooh-la-la Company Trip

My apologies, I know I missed two days of blogpost but since I did not have any means of getting online at Cherating (there wasn't any telco line service there for me either lol) I didn't have the chance of posting earlier ^^;

Day one of Club Med was impressive (Friday I mean). We had a nice warm welcome by the Gentil Officers (GO) there and a brief welcome to introduce us to the facilities in Club Med. I've got to say, impressive! Spent my first day jungle trekking, which in the end I regretted hahahaha. I'd rather hang out by the pool instead I suppose...but I was conned into going for the jungle walk! So ah heck haha. It was fun, and I had battle scars too! A long branch of thorns decided to attack me when I attempted going down the slope using the rope. Hahaha and that is how my day one passed by.

On the bright side, I attempted to sample two different types of cocktails on Friday night. And damn it all, I loved them! Now I wish I had more hahahaha. Oh did I mention alcohol was on free flow from 9am-1am daily? ;)

Saturday was not bad. Telematch was fun (it was compulsory for us all) and I guess we had a real nice bonding time too. Guess what? I am now 80% all charged up in my memory...cause I roughly know almost all of my colleague's names by now! Hahahahahaha yes that is how lame I can sadly be; bad memory.

I spent my day at the beach kayaking and simply lounging in the sea and by the sea...with a glass of Planteau's Punch cocktail drink. Was kind of sad I didn't manage to go for the trapeze or sailing or bungee jump, but by then my body was feeling way too exhausted and funny so I decided to forgo it. It didn't help matters that both trapeze and bungee jump was only available for two hours; and sailing was fully booked )':

Every night the GO will organize performances specially for the GMs (Gentil Members, which are us) for about an hour after dinner, and I really gotta wonder this: Where the heck do they find the time and strength to practice daily just to perform for us? Won't talk mucha bout it for now, I'll upload the photos some other time and let them do the talking ;)

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