Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Project 365-18: Let's get souped!

Have you ever tried this: sit down in a quiet room, empty your mind from all those thoughts crowding your worried head, and start penning down the first issue that pops into your mind after that. Try it, and see what fills up your page (traditionally or digitally)
So here's what I'll be doing for today. I'll be taking several deep calming breaths, close my eyes, and type out the first the first thing that enters my mind.




Okay nothing goes into my mind hahaha. Hard is it? Try narrowing down your thoughts just a little bit. For me, I am now thinking about food. Why? It's almost dinner time and my stomach's complaining at me, crying aloud to be fed (tummy rumbles can be a real embarassing issue at times). So why not, let's just talk about food here.

I've always loved to eat since young. Being the adventurous sort, I would sample out odd dishes my parents would dish out to me. One dish I had refused to actually sample even until today, however, is the infamous bittergourd. Odd as it may seem, I can tolerate other types of bitterness, but I can never bring myself to enjoy the supposed goodness of the bittergourd.

Being a Chinese, our meals (especially dinner time) are normally accompanied with a pot of soup. Whether it is double-boiled or not, there must always be a pot of soup on the table. Of course, it wasn't practiced in my family since I was young. I remember when I was a kid I used to follow one of my friend home to his place. His mum would then invite me over for dinner (there was once I had created a huge panic among my family members when I had gotten 'missing'...but that's for another story) and I would notice that there will always be a huge pot of soup during dinner time. I found out later on that this is normal.

Well of course, that made me wonder why didnt' we have soup to accompany our meals. Not that I voiced that out much, but I suppose this could also be due to the fact that both my parents work daily and my mother was a tuition teacher then. So yes, I'll be assuming that there simply isn't enough time to boil a pot of soup(that all of us would enjoy...my dad can be rather picky) so I'll leave it to that. Of course that doesn't mean I never had a bowl of soup during dinner time at all. No, when our family goes out for dinner, we would then order a bowl of soup and enjoy it together. So I surmised my initial assumption was somewhat true anyway.

Soup has always been a great part in my life. Tasted quite a few Chinese soup and I'll admit it: my favorite is still lotus root double boiled soup and mixed vegetables soup (or as we all know it better as ABC soup). Of course, groundnut with chicken feet soup and old cucumber soup are also two flavours that are high up on my list as well.

When it comes to international soup, cream of mushroom is on the top of my list, followed by minestrone soup and cream of chicken soup. Of course, I'm still perfectly willing to try other types of soup (I've tried cream of asparagus, cream of tomato, cream of potato, and even cream of leek once...which was actually not bad) as long as I don't find it looking horribly weird or scary.
What's your favorite soup? :)

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