Thursday, May 19, 2005

It has been six days since I last wrote here. Exams were near, or rather, exams had arrived to kill me. My maths is basically down the drain, although I could answer a few questions. My chemistry is officially over, considering I did not know how to answer all 50 questions given by my teacher. MUET is finally over, thank goodness! Pengajian Am was okay, but I think I did quite badly on my first objective paper. Ah well, you win some, you lose some.
What I want to write down today is basically about the nightmares I seem to be having for the past week. I seem to be having nightmares visited by 'ghosts' of all kinds. The first nightmare I had encountered with a ghost was at a ladies' lavatory at a deserted shopping mall. They were in the form of two small girls, which I could not see their faces that well. But from the looks of it, they were asians, chinese I assumed. Anyway, both of them were leaving a cubicle at the far end, and I was entering one a few doors away. Since the mall was empty, I couldn't help feeling scared(in my dreams) wondering why were they there. Inside the cubicle, I heard water running from one of the taps outside and I shivered. I felt as though someone was behind me...above me even. And when I turned around, she was there! One of the girls was in my cubicle! But then...I woke up drenched with sweat. Creepy!
My second dream about 'ghosts' was not so bad. This time, I was a friend to these ghosts, and my job was to search for them and find them a new 'home', in other words, a new body. I can't really remember this dream, not sure why, but I sure remember how scared I felt at first when I first encountered them. One of them even looked like the one from Dark Water! Scary man!
Oh yeah, there was also a nightmare I had involving a student of mine. I dreamt he was killed. Killed by my very own friend! There was chaos all around me, but unfortunately, I couldn't really remember the details well =(
I wonder what does these dreams mean...

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