Saturday, August 20, 2005

Well, my relatives are here to stay for the day. And guess what? I detest the way my aunt keeps on hinting that I do not help my mum. Hel~lo! How often are you even here? And how dare you imply that I do NOT help my mum at all? Puh-lease ma'am. I do help her. Just because you don't SEE me helping her doesn't mean that you hafta snipe at me about it. You really made me fall into a bad mood today. Gee thanks.
Anyway, Syam finally had brought back my whole album of anime. At last! I was wondering when was he going to return them to me. It's been months since I last saw those precious cds. Sigh.
Well, I don't have much to gripe today. Or perhaps I'm just too lazy to write. Oh yeah, I am writing my fanfiction right now. Perhaps that is what making me too lazy to blog right now. Ah well, till the next time we meet...Sayonara~

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