Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Well, it's school time once more *sigh* had fun last weekend anyway. My cousin had his wedding at Bukit Merah Laketown and boy, was it ever hectic! But like one of my new aunts(?) had said, it is almost like a fairytale wedding. Let me explain why.

First , the bride and her groom, as well as 3 girls and 3 guys were to be in a boat. Well, one of them is me anyway We waited at a friend's house not-so-near for perfect timing. By the way, that house was AWESOME! There was even a basketball court at the backyard and there were two houses there for the whole family! Man, rich people get all the fun! Anyways, we left that area at about seven in the evening and started out for my aunt's house. Two men in separate boats scouted ahead of us and the captain of our boat(my cousin!) told us to watch out for the signal, which were three fireworks that would be lit into the sky consecutively. One...Two...Three! And we saw our destination. But before we can reach there, someone(my other cousin i should think!) lit up another batch of fireworks that engulfed us with thick smoke. Well, choke as we did slightly, we managed to stop by the jett just in time
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention what did the bride and groom wore on that day! Well, the bride(che-che Swee Hoon~!!!), she wore an elegant pink saree with golden headgears and so on. Yeah yeah, she's a chinese, but she IS marrying a Chindian(my cousin!!!). And koh-koh Dharma wore a white suit..which I think is a dhoti..hahahaha..
Okay, so finally we've reached there. We got out from the boat and everyone slowly made their way to the main table, all but me anyway. I gotta change my shoes to an appropriate one! But before I had left, I managed to glimpse a little of the Garland Ceremony, in which the bride and her groom were to place a garland on each of their new in-laws.
The following were the usual eating and drinking and speeches..Bo-ring! think I remembered was my aunt(groom's mum) being requested to perform a song-'Here Comes The Bride'. It was okay, apart from the fact that my aunt was terribly nervous, which was understandable anyway, it went on smoothly. And her teacher as well as her teacher's student played a few songs as well while the bride and groom went to change into another, more comfy outfit. describe the whole night would be a few pages long. But I'm really glad that it's over. It sure was tiring to set up the place all by ourselves! Hahahaha....
Anyway, back to reality. National Day's tomorrow. Guess we'd be heading to Ikea then. There are some great offers today and tomorrow!! And next week is Doomsday for's Trials then!! Arrrghhhh~!!!!

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