Friday, September 02, 2005

Tanggal tiga puluh satu..Bulan lapan lima-puluh-tujuh~Merdeka,merdeka, tetaplah Merdeka...Ia pasti menjadi sejarah~
Happy National Day to Malaysia~!! Wow..48 years of freedom already..who would have thought about it. Yesterday was the big day for this country. Watched tv and saw the whole procession going on at Putrajaya. It was really cool, especially since they did not do it in Bukit Jalil this time. Haha. The floats were kind of tacky in a sense where they looked rather odd and...spooky. Yes, I'm serious. It looks spooky. Especially those that has a human lookalike on it. Imagine stumbling across them in the dark! Brrr...
Anyway, today is like any other day. Dull and drab. But the stress of having trials next week is killing me! Sigh. Yesterday mum was nagging..again. Duh~! When does she ever NEVER nag at me about my studies? It is, I know, for my own good and all. But seriously, I hate stress! Especially when sis added an extra burden on me: I am to find a local university to study at so that they will have enough cash to shift places. Sigh. And guess what? I am to take up medical studies. Double stress! Man, I hate medical studies...not that it's horrible or anything, but my interest does not lie in it. Imagine trying to ask a chef reprogramme a computer all by himself! It's really like asking the sun to touch the earth! Sheesh. I'm seriously hoping that I can go to a local university as well...I really want to shift out from this mess. Perhaps then I could finally get my own, spacious room. *gazes dreamily into space*

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