Sunday, September 25, 2005

Okay so today was a bore. Well, not really a bore. Woke up pretty late today anyways. Hmm, why was it again? Oh yeah, slept late cause I watched Malaysian Idol pre-recorded earlier with my mum and sis. Guess what? The three of us were fighting non-stop of who will win. Sis and I voted for Nita but mum, well, she prefers Daniel. Big whoop. Heh. Anyways, slept at 3am or so at that time. By the time I woke up, mum was already gone for work. Poor her! I wonder how does she stand it...
Okay, so today we went to this warehouse sale at PJ and boy oh boy, was it ever so crowded! It was technically a shoe warehouse sale, or to be more precise, Scholl. But we didn't buy any shoes. Instead, we bought foods and stuff. Haha, weird huh.
Hmm...better post another time. Pesky sis is trying to read over my shoulder! Sheesh. No provacy! Ah well, gotta go anyways. Time for supper. Tata

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