Friday, September 16, 2005

Okay, this day is officially the utmost boredom for me! Not only school sucks, home sucks as well! Hmm..let me broach this interesting phrase.
First, only seven from my class were present. Second, no teachers were teaching(though I hate studying, having teachers in class can be fun too!). Third, everyone was forced to be at the school field for the Malaysian Book of Records(MBR) crap. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that bit. The lower sixers from the Sixth Former Society, also known as Majlis Tingkatan Enam to us, tried to create a record by creating the longest patriotic banner in Malaysia! It was, I think, 830 metres long, filled with all sort of stuffs. I even saw the Prime Minister's face painted on it! Wow, think how much time they wasted..erm..i mean, spent on that banner! Oh yeah, wonder whether they made it through. I didn't really stay long for it. I mean, come on man! Let us live in peace! What are you trying to do anyway? While you guys bask the glory and whatsoever(like I really care anyway!), we students are forced to sit on grass and grit out teeth and bear till it is all over. Anyway, we basically are clueless on what is going on! The PA system sucks, and I had no idea what was even going on! Sigh.
Okay, so then we(my classmates and I) left the field and snuck to the cafeteria. Haha. Was just as bad anyway. But at least we get to sit properly. Plus, I got to eat. Hahahaha...Hmm...Couldn't sneak out of school though. Too many prefects hanging around like vultures. So we had to wait...and wait...and wait...and wait...till it was like noon before we actually left. It was just a simple affair actually. Getting up and go. No fuss, no hassle.
When I reached home, mum ignored me. Wonder why...Anyways, went and talk to her for a while before heading upstairs again. Thought of sleeping, but was rudely interrupted when my aunt dropped by. It seems that she wanted to take my mum shopping(hmmm...). Mum asked me to join, but I declined. Heck, I wasn't even the mood for shopping, let alone grocery shopping! So mum went, and I was alone at home...doing nothing. As usual. Then I fell asleep. When I woke up, hey presto! Tuition time. Bo-ring!
So then my bro messaged me inviting me to join him for a swim tomorrow with our friends. there a catch to that? I hope not. Ah well, better rest well tonight then. Swimming session's tomorrow morning and I'd better make sure I'm able to wake up! So, goodnite for now!

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