Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Am I Going Mad? -Narration this time-

Life is a bore....
(Is it?)
Yeah...it is
(but why?)
Well, it's cause you do nothing but feverishly revise for yet another looming exams..day after day..month after month..year after year...
To excel of course! Every student knows that the peer pressure that resides in him or her is great, and the strong need to be better than the rest is always growing
(oh come on, don't tell me YOU study all the time too!)
Well, no I don't
I hate studying, and I will never enjoy it. Especially when I do not enjoy the subjects that I am taking. Most of the time I'll be spending my time relaxing in front of my pc or drawing manga
(so why the complain?)
Simple! I am expected to pass and succedd with supposedly flying colours. And boy oh boy, I seriously doubt THAT will happen. The worst would be me failing with flying colours!!
(Aw come on, you can't be that bad! Try revising more!)
Like I haven't tried much. Each time I touch the book called Organic Chemistry or Mathematics, I'll end up in dreamland. Life is indeed tough...
(Heck then, I've no idea how to help you!)
Yeah, like you ever did in the first place! Ah well, time to hit the books again. Perhaps I'll eventually READ 'em instead of making them as pillows!

Heh, that was just a simple narration of my life right now...Me, myself and I. Hahahaa....like I had said earlier...life is a bore. Been doing nothing but studying again and again for the dreaded STPM which is looming closer and closer.....sigh! ah well, time to go again! till next time~

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