Friday, January 13, 2006


It's thursday today. And i'm exhausted. Went to sg wang today and also to time square. three of my cousins were there, isyam, sui ann, and abang izal. I dunno what's wrong with me...ever since of that 'episode' while vacationing, i am never comfy with the fact that i am placed with a heavy burden n my shoulders. Let's face it: how do you change a person's personality in just a matter of weeks? pretty dumb huh?
*sigh* this is getting outta hand. how do i help to 'open' the eyes of that fella when...i don't even know how? especially when i can't seek for any help from anyone. well, technically i DID tell taha....but still....
what can he do? he's not even here to help me.
i wish i had someone by my side...
but that's the irony, isn't it? each time i have someone 'special' by my side, i'll chase them away. why? beats me. afraid i suppose. I like friendships too much presumably. Can't stand the fact that they will change their attitude once the relationship steps up a notch. that stinks. sigh..i'm crapping again. ah well, that's the use of this blog anyways. hmm....getting late.better go off now. till next time~

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