Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Recently, I just read an article posted in the Comic Fiesta Forums regarding japanese animation, and believe me, it pissed me a LOT!!!
I can't freaking believe that the society here can be so bloody narrow-minded man!
(this is the article btw)
I mean, come on man!! Anime as porn??? Where the hell did they get that freakin idea man!! Oh, so it's just because it might look sexy and so on, it makes it porn???? Hentai is porn dammit, not anime!! Get your freaking FACTS straight you bloody losers!! And this......WTF????? To quote Chua Hock Kuan, “ANIME boleh wujudkan masalah sosial,ia tidak sepatutnya dibiarkan ada di pasaran.”. WTF????? Dammit dude, I'VE SEEN WORSE PEOPLE THAT WAS NEVER, EVER BEEN INFLUENCED BY JAPANESE ANIME!!! AND THEIR BEHAVIOUR SUCKSSSSS~!!!! So now they are gonna put blame on anime just cause it doesn't conform in their religion, goddamit??? That is sooo bloody PATHETIC!!!
Sheeeesh!!! Talk about idiocy. Instead of saying all of these, why not the hell try to think positive???? Firstly, japanese anime has influenced many artists to greater inspiration. Is THAT a bad thing???? Oh wait, or would that just make all of their work XXX rated or something???
Anime as hentai, huh. Now what was it about them showing DORAEMON on air???? So, is that cat robot a sex maniac or something then???? Do they influence children in a bad way?? All I see in that cartoon is that it makes me imagine new and cool gadgets.
Okay, I'm ranting too much now. It is kinda childish I suppose, but i can't help it. That stupid article really made me pissed off! BUt enough ranting for now, perhaps later. I'm getting too sleepy.

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