Saturday, July 08, 2006

well, it's a friday night. Herm, more like Saturday morning. It's already 2am and I'm still not asleep *sigh*
So what's so special about today? Nothing. Nothing at all.To top things up, I'm feeling depressed again. Why? No idea. Depression envelopes me as I see myself in a corner of loneliness throughout my life. Why again? Guess it's cause I'm doomed to soltitude. No guys in my life. No friends in particular. The only thing that comforts me is my computer and even that is wrenched from me. Sigh, I better go get a life. But what is there to anticipate? Ever since I've known of, anyone that I have an inkling of desire of disappears right in front of me. My first crush liked my best friend better. So did my second and third....even my ex was my best friend's ex.*sighs* seriously, I gotta get a life. This is getting too depressing. But to ask me to hunt down a guy for myself, well, i'm not THAT adventurous. I'll never find a guy for me. Never. That is why I deemed myself solitary. Yeah, that's just me. Solitary me. No one beside me.

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