Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What an 'EVENTFUL' day.....

Well, it's Wednesday now. Bad Wednesday. Boring Wednesday. TIRING Wednesday!!! Gaaaah!! Why am I grumbling about Wednesday? Well, I'm in college from 9am straight up to 10pm tonight!! So tiring...I...need....restt.....*groans*
Had Malaysian Studies classes this morning but it wasn't Mr Uthaya that was babbling in front. Instead we had a guest speaker which was Micheal Ding Sensei and he was going on and on and on about karate..I forgot what was the name of that karate *grins sheepishly* It sounds interesting, and I was seriously tempted to join the martial arts too! But, I'm not sure if I even have the time for it!
Which comes to my second event of the day....The Determination Of My Second Semester Subjects!! Yeah, it's totally lame. I'm stuck with Chemistry, College Maths, Basic Composition, General Psychology, and Principles of Sociology. Bleah!!!!! I hate IT!!! Chemistry AND Maths!! Again!!!!!! *dies*
Oh well, I guess I'm just gonna cramp it all up....and to make things worse, I'm jam packed on Wednesday on my second semester cause I'll be having classes from 9am straight up to 5pm. Well, 11am to 1pm is for SEGi Prime Time but I doubt I'll be free then *cries*
Oh and another thing, I've been elected as the Second Vice President of Omega Leo Club!!! Damn! And to think I didn't want any posts....*sighs* I'm doomed.
Will be a photographer AND a reporter tonight cause there will be an event regarding the works of A.Samad Said. Hopefully I won't pass out there and then. I'm getting dizzy already. about an 'eventful' day.....

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