Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Compilation time~~

Ladies and Gentlemen, as I am now using LiveJournal to update my blog, this blog will be merely a copy-and-paste place for me to allow others to view my journal. Since I will not disclose my LJ to others but my CF friends, read here or just don't read at all. Hahaha...

Anyway, I'll compile up my past posts starting from where I left behind.

Day Ends...Finally (20/10/2006)

It's officially Saturday...morning now. Hahaha...12.52am while I am writing this. So how was my day? Well, to start the day, I began with my usual routine of taking my dog out for her daily walk. Imagine sacrificing my sleep for this... *sigh* Those dogs better appreciate this!

Anyway, sent mum to work before leaving for college. While eating my brunch (chicken pie and jacket potato, yum!) I worked on my script in which I was supposed to present today. Oh, did I mention that I will be in a small play for my class? is some sort of class assignment, in which we are separated into two groups, and I'm in one of the groups (duh!). We decided on a mixed-up fairy tale kind of story after several attempts to figure out what to do for our presentation. Ironically enough, after we've decided all of this, the other group was also discussing the same idea. I have no idea if they overheard us discussing, or they came up with this idea themselves. Either way, it sucks.

So Miss Haritha added my name into the scriptwriter team, and I was the one who came up with the story. So now I'm stuck writing the entire script, AND be the director, AND be Prince Charming for Cinderella. Unless someone plans to take over my spot as Prince Charming that is...heh

Met sis for lunch, and she wanted to eat at Secret Recipe. Haha. I ate a slice of lemon cheesecake, and err...I shouldn't eat it again. So freakin' sour! My sis said it tasted like detergent, lol. After lunch, we walked about for a bit, then my sis left for work, and me to pick up my mum.

Roads were so bloody jammed up after 5pm man. Sis came home and we went to the Curve. Took us about an hour just to reach there. And when we were there, while eating pancakes at the Paddington House of Pancake, a storm came out of nowhere. Boy, was it bad! My mum kept on flinching every time the lighting strikes. Bleh! Met Ginger there and we went to Borders to read some manga. Hahaha...

Left for home at about 11pm. Reached home at midnight. Writing this at 12.52am. Finishing this at 1.03am. I'm exhausted....Good night~~

An Uneventful Day (21/10/2006)
Saturday is supposed to be a time for rest and relaxation, right? Wrong! Spent my day clearing up the house, in which I didn't do much anyway. I felt funny today. Kept having a headache each time I rise from a chair, or stand up after sitting down. It felt as though someone is holding a hammer and is getting ready to hammer my head down every time I get up. Bleh!

Felt funny even till' not. My tummy feels uncomfortable and my head hurts. Bleh, I'd better have an early night tonight. I want to attend the cosplay chess event tomorrow...

An Eventful Day :) (22/10/2006)
Surprise...surprise. I'm not ranting today! muahahaha....

Day started with me waking up with a surprisingly cheerful mum...and followed by me going to Paramount Garden. Met DarkSpire and May and Naoko first, followed by the rest. Dusty tried to molest my hair!! *runsssss* Had fun cause I met up with a few other CF-ers I didn't know apart from their nicknames. Heh heh heh...Pretty interesting, but Dai scares me. Lollers. I think it's his driving that scares me? Hahaha...he reminds me of my friend back when we were in Form 4. I miss those days...

Anyway, left Paramount Garden at about 5pm? I'm not sure...Went to One Utama with Ginger cause my mum and sis were there. Ate at A&W and then we went to the arcade. I still haven't have the guts to play Para Para...hahahahaha. Ginger lost her parking ticket btw, and we had to hunt for it for like 30 minutes before giving up. Poor girl had to pay the RM20 fine *pats*

Somehow my legs hurt like hell. I think it's cause I walked too much? I have no idea...Well, after One Utama (we left at about 9pm) we went to Mydin cause my sis wanted to buy some ribbons to tie up her Raya cookies. LoL. I bought a RM10 punjabi suit!!! Wahahahaha...I'm happy with that man! I have a punjabi suit! Yay!!

Reached home at about 11.30pm. Exhausted now. Gotta dye my sister's hair later *sighs* Well, all in all, I had a great day. Thanks to all of those that I had met today! I really had fun! Let me see if I can recall your names...

Dai, Dusty, Ballistic_Dragon, Tokiya, Darkspire, May, Naoko, MinTos, Ren, RRJ, Elder, Cikgu, Ginger, King(though I'm not so familiar with ya ^^;), Aoi, horong, kiDChan, and the rest....Sorry if I missed out your names if I did, I can't remember all of you =/ Thanks again for the lovely day! I really did have fun!!

Stomachache (24/10/2006)
Great. My day began with a lovely stomachache. And this lasts till the night. Yippee ai eh! Sheesh.

Anyways, Selamat Hari Raya to those that celebrate this joyous moment. Special greetings to my friends Syed, Khalisah, Betty, Iylia, Sushi_Usagi, gypsydres, member ex-5 Science 1 and 2. Miss you guys lots!! Bila mau buat reunion nih?? hahahaha...

Had a boring day today. Watched High School Musical again, and it was nice. Went and stay in front of the computer again later on trying to fix my bloody speaker system. Multimedia Audio Controller is missing for some weird reason *sighs* I want my sound system...I want to watch my anime... *cries*

Okay, nothing much to say. Need to sleep. But before that, need to type out the script! Bye for now~

By the way, do you think I should change my blog skin to something more...readable? Or should I just let this be...and make it hard for everyone to read? :P

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