Sunday, November 19, 2006

It's gonna be a Monday!!!!

Why must weekends fly so fast...*sighs*

Tomorrow, I'll have to face that bitchy lecturer again. Wonder if our dean spoke to her...again. Hahaha...everyone keeps on complaining about her! LoLx.

Okay so what happened today? Nothing much I guess...mum and sis fought again, as usual. And I'm stuck in the middle, as usual. Was supposed to go to the temple today since it's my dad's Death Anniversary...but mum was mad at us cause we didn't do any house chores (eh??) so ended up not going. Spent my time clearing my room...then eat maggie mee for...lunch (at 4pm lol) and the sleep. Hahaha...I'm supposed to finish my psychology assignment by tomorrow and I haven't even started yet!! *dies* I'm not going to sleep tonight I think..*sighs* play will be on this friday. Please please please come and support meeee!!! hehehehe...I'm terrified that I'll end up laughing my head off on stage cause I bloody well know I can't act!! Yeeeeps!!!

Okay, time to stop typing and start researching for my assignment! Exams are coming soon...I'm doooooomed!! *stabs self*

Oh...the halloween But I had a bad headache the whole day so that part was not fun.Lol. But it was nice to see zymz, izzu, spire, may, and spire's bro. Hahaha...I LOVE HIS SWORD!!! Darkspire's brother's one I mean. Hahaha...Damn, I need to find out his name. Sounds weird that I can only call him Spire's bro all the time. Lollers.

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