Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Grumpy ME

-----------copied and pasted my previous but latest post

I...don't know what's going on...
Keep on feeling down
I...wonder why it happens
That I snap and bark at everyone
I...feel hurt
Why promises are always broken
I...want to cry
To empty this feelings of mine
I...feel rejected
By everyone I know
I...hate suppressions
Not telling how I feel
I...hate my conscience
For working overdrive
I...hate myself
For not being who I am.

Okay,feeling gloomy again. And to think I wanted to write about my happy time in Sg.Wang yesterday. Ah well, update about today

#1 had presentation and quiz in Religions class. Hopefully I won't fail this quiz. Passed up my assignment too. 3000words over within 3 hours... *swt*

#2 wanted to have lunch with my friend. told her i'll meet her at the cafeteria, but she didn't appear. messaged her but she told me to carry on without her. felt really hurt at her broken promise...again.

#3 slept for 5 hours due to total exhaustion

And for yesterday...

#1 hated the bus ride cause the passengers are mostly guys, not even locals!!

#2 stupid bus didn't pass KL Central so had to take the LRT from Pasar Seni to KL Central. Wasted RM1 for that

#3 arrived at Sg. Wang. Went to draw out some cash. Since I did not have breakfast+lunch, I went to hunt for food.

#4 most of the fast food restaurants didnt appeal me, so went to the 6th floor. Hunted for the stupid AniCom event for awhile before realizing it was by the escalator. Bleh

#5 ate thick toast with creamy mushroom. My college serves better toast!!! Met up with himawari and Cikgu first, before realizing the whole place was crawling with CF-ers and TCC members. Hahaha

#6 had fun watching the competition. Oh,met Yukina and Tokiya also. Had late lunch after that. Misao, Chocolime, and nightcat82 joined us too. chatted for a long time

#7 tried parapara for the first time.loved it!! hahahaha...thank you yukina for forcing me to try it! XD

#8 stoopid KTM broke down at the Pantai Dalam Station. We had to move to the other platform and waited for what seemed like ages. The ETA kept on freakin changing a two small girls kept on freakin lookin at me!! WTH MAN!! the stupid train arrived...WITH A LOT OF PEOPLE IN IT!! But being typically Malaysian, I enetered the train. Cause I was hungry and I had to meet up with my mum and sis and grandaunt at Subang Parade for dinner. THE BLOODY TRAIN WAS SO GODDAMN PACKED THAT THERE WAS NO PLACE TO BREATHE! I hate crowds...

#9 Guess what? my family ate their dinner without me =-= so my dinner was a happy meal cause my sis wanted the TY teddies. Bleh

and so ends today's update...i need to take those dogs for their walk now *sigh*

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