Monday, December 11, 2006




- went to borders TS to collect my book+cd

- read Legendary Magic Knights of Rayearth (wonder if that title is correct lol)

- went to Sg Wang, but saw no one. Walked around for a few minutes, suddenly dusty whacked me on the head (ouch)

- lepak-ed with dusty, nightcat82, and misao. Saw chocolime and succubus too. helped choco suit up (haha)

- met cresAya, blacksilver, and the rest later on. met andrew also. he kinda creeps me out, wonder why.

- helped choco with her performance by screaming out 'Aaaaah! Arika! Tatsukete!" and "ehm, arigato, a-ri-ko-chan!".lol.i stink.

-watched choco perform....made me go "OMG OMG OMG" cause both her heels from her shoes flew (literally) and her rod was bent O_O but her performance was awesome!! glad she made it into the finals! XD

- went for super-late lunch later on at Madam Wong. Met heal, neko, iluna, tokiya, yukina, elderG and ren-kun there. Wonder if some of them actually knew me. Hahaha.

- went back to the 6th floor again to find out who managed to enter the finals. Damn happy for the cf-ers who made it, especially chocolime since i helped her XD XD

- followed nightcat82 to Asia Jaya LRT, went to Kelana Jaya LRT Station, and took the free shuttlebus to Ikano, where my family was waiting for me.

- Ate at Little Penang Cafe at Curve. went to see Ginger later. hahaha. jalan-jalan, found a nail art stall. bought RM55 worth of stuff (yeep) but still, my mum encouraged it so nevermind la XDD

- bought two skirts for RM30 (RM15 each, both from M:30). but since my sis wants one of the skirts, she can buy it from me! muahahahahaha....

- went to ikea later on. Bought more stuff (lol, we spend a lot each time entering ikea) and checked out. By the time we reached home, it was about midnight. AND WE HAD TO TAKE THE DOGS OUT FOR THEIR DAILY WALK!!! bleh.

so that's the end of today's update. I'm dead tired, and I just found out my exam schedule has changed. Damn. Now my maths and psychology papers are in one day *dies* Wish me luck!!! XD

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