Thursday, February 15, 2007

Chapter 1

"Hurry up, for chrissake!" growled Nerr'liss'alkhethrathros'sta Lea'thlthra'neheal (or Nerista for short) impatiently.

"Chill sis, I'm almost done," replied her seventeen year old twin sister, M'erlyss'tralktenn'ya Lea'thlthra'neheal (in short, Merlyss) cheerfully.

Nerista grumbled under her breath as she tapped her foot impatiently, watching her sister preening herself in front of her bronzed full length mirror. Unlike her twin, Nerista rarely moons over her appearance in front of the mirror. In fact, she prefers the nature's air rather than their home, in which she finds it to be stifling.

She caught sight of herself in the mirror and smiled sardonically. Physically, Nerista looked like her sister, and as they would say, a carbon copy of each other. Blessed with porcelain flawless skin and their crimson chest length locks, the twins were constantly being hard-pressed
by over-enthusiastic fans. However, Nerista and Merlyss were as different as night and day on the inside.

Always bubbly and cheerful, Merlyss is always worshiped by her school mates. Her sweet and gentle nature made it difficult for anyone to hate her. She loves nothing more than to titivate herself in front of her mirror endlessly. Hence her cupboard is bursting to its seams trying to keep her clothes in.

On the other hand, Nerista loves nothing more than to rough it out in the outdoors. Her roguish personality had drawn more often than not many men to admire her. Unlike her sister, Nerista prefers horseback riding with her favorite horse, Black Lady, more than anything else. Although she is conscious that men often humor her for her passion, it did not stop her from joining in the equestrian club in her homeland.

"Are you even done yet, Merlyss?" she asked her twin impatiently, glancing at the antique table clock nearby. They were already running late for the most important night of their lives. Finally, Merlyss gave herself a satisfied smile at her reflection and twirled in front of her twin.

"I'm done!"


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