Sunday, February 11, 2007

A fun day today, and some depressing side

Weee~~~~had fun meeting everyone at McD's today in Sunway Pyramid. Why? Cause, erm, it was fun!! HAhahahaa....Izzu was seriously so hyper and random today. I had gotten into more than one fits of laughter within an hour. XD XD XD she cheers me up \(^~^)/ hehehe...

Today I feel so happy cause May drew for me a BieL art with random bishie guys...and one Alice chibified doll (looks kinda serious tho XP)...oh and she gave me one pic of Kadaj in which she drew based on the Cosmania magazine, so that one looked like a girl, and one uber bishie guy she just randomly drew. Weeee~~~~~ XD XD XD \(^____^)/

Joe sketched for me a pic of Cloud and Kadaj, and in return me drew for him Allen Walker, but somehow I made Allen look a bit like a girl *bish* Went to MPH later later on with Darkspire to get a clear folder, which cost me RM8.50. *sighs* I'm officially super broke. From RM200, I'm left with approximately RM87. And that is within a week *dies* Not to mention I have officially lived my day today with three chicken McNuggets, a few fries, one beef & egg burger, and one blueberry muffin. Bleh, I am living unhealthily today. Damn. Monday, I need to eat the cafeteria food even if it kills me and gives me a super stomachache as it tends to do so. I am losing money fast *faints*

So what else happened today? Ermmm, well, mostly chatted with May, Spire, Izzu (who kept flitting here and there out of boredom) and Lowies...but I also chatted with other random CF-ers in which I didn't ask who are they. Hahahaha....Lazy liao wanna ask, cause if I ask, they expect me to remember their names *swts* I will die if I am supposed to remember every one of them >_____<

Hmmm....a happy day it had been, but a slight dark cloud mars the happy image for me today. My friend messaged me today, she was feeling really depressed cause my dear president, who happens to be her supposed close friend, had somehow lied to her about a lot of things as well as back-stabbing her. Well, I can't say that surprises me. That fellow do have that kind of attitude anyway. And since I am pretty much experienced in this, I guess I kinda got used to this kind of stuff. True, it hurts, but you learn the hard way about friends from here.

People tend to say friends are like flowers, or something so happy and whatnot. To me, friends are like roses. They may be pretty to look at, and something you would want, but if you are not careful, you will be pricked; not to mention that some roses may look pretty but may be rotten in the inside. Not really poetic, but kinda true. I had learnt the very hard way about friendship. Friends come and go as they please, backstabbing you as they go, but real friends stick to you through thick and thin. So when something bad happens to you(now please don't wish for this), you will see that only your true friends will stick around.

So yeah, I have heard stories about that fellow, and now I think I will be giving up on that works soon. I am seriously fed up with her damned lies about all of us in which that fellow tells(my guess) to the one in charge. So damn that fellow. If you want to do this, I can assure you one thing, you will see your support diminishing rapidly. Already we are all fed up with your lies. And your last minute information. And you doing things behind our backs. So go ahead, make us all hate you. Because that is exactly what you are doing now.

People tend to say that those born as Leos are people who are very loyal. I suppose that is right. I am loyal to my friend, and I am protective over them. Most of the time I'd rather stay out of the way when they need to face their own problems. But if anyone dares to hurt my friends, I get angry very easily towards those who hurt them. So beware to you, already you have hurt one of my dear friend, who is now in a pretty depressed state thanks to you. Beware wherever you are, because even though I may do nothing, something will happen to you. And no, it will not be my doing, but your very own..believe me, your bomb will one day explode in your face.

So, this is what had happened to me today. My feelings are pretty mixed right now. But heck, I still had fun!!! Next ArtJam, if is held at Pyramid again, I am so going!!!! XD XD But I didn't really get to spend time with my dear =/ darn it.

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