Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A walk to remember...

Hmmm, isn't that a movie title? Oh well....

Here's some memories I still remember from the day I entered college till now :)

Haritha and I during our Baba & Nyonya presentation for our Malaysian Studies class ^^
Yes, I did this! It took me, what, 1 hour to complete this sad poster? XDDD
From left: Adrian, Prasanth, Peng Loon, Me, Dot; Bottom left: Sab, Yue Mei
This was for our Baba&Nyonya project, we had to find sources?? XDDD

Froggie Joseph, me, and Tereessa

Ritha, Tereessa and Elaine ^^ (where am I??? DDD:)
Tereessa, Elaine, Iylia and me. Elaine, enough honey already!!!!

Ritha, Elaine, Tereessa and me. Hey, what is my wife doing with Phillip?! XDDDDD and me with Aurora...LOL

Ritha, Tereessa and Me in class XDD see? we're so bored!!! .____.

Ritha, me and Tereessa, all in Ritha's clothes!!! LOL...

Yes I look freakishly dead I know!!! Don't get nightmares please ><
Me+Ritha, Halloween night 2006, SEGi College USJ

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