Monday, July 02, 2007

A boring update

In all honesty I have absolutely NO idea what should I blog about this time. Someone suggested I blogged about my family, dogs, AND friends. Hmmmm....what the heck am I to talk about them?? Hahahaha....I feel so bored, class begins all over again tomorrow *faints*

So out of boredom, here's something I've unearthed from my art file....

Initially I drew and colored this art for a competition, but decided in the end not to submit it. Hahahaha....Now I'm in love with this art <3333

Designs belongs to me ^~^ My friend loves the Air Element a lot XDDD (psst, she's the one on the top left :D)

Names (Clockwise from Top Left): Aryea (Air Element), Aquea (Water Element), Gaea (Earth Element), Phoenitea (Fire Element)

I love this art cause it's my first time actually coloring it with color pencils <333 took me approximately 10 hours in about 4 days XP

Now to move with my next projects..once I get my art pens =____=

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