Friday, May 16, 2008


Do you believe in addiction, no matter what it is?

My current addiction is watching animes from CrunchyRoll. The reason? I doubt if I can start catching up to the animes I really really want to watch once my semester begins. Heh.

So far I've finally managed to watch La Corda d'Oro episode 1 till 25 and special episode 26. Only watched Episode One of Vampire Cross though. Can't seem to get to the mood yet. Watched about 3 episodes of Minami-ke to chill off my mind cause I had a horrible headache then. And now? Watching Saiunkoku Monogatari Season last!!!! hahahahaha...I tell you...if it wasn't my resolve to stop cosplaying temporarily after completing five of my planned projects, I really would want to cosplay a character from that anime!! Shi Ryuuki perhaps, cause I love his character <333>_<
Saiunkoku main characters
Clockwise from top left: Li Kouyouu, Seiran *squeeeeeaaalll*, Lan Shuuei, Shi Ryuuki, and Kou Shuurei

hahaha I may like Ryuuki, but that doesn't mean I don't like Seiran too!! XDDD though personality wise, I really really really REALLY like Ryuuki hahahahaha....he's just so a kid at times!! ^^ Well, he's still in his teens after all....seventeen i think? forgot :P and he's the emperor too!! hahaha you guys should really watch the first season when Ryuuki was trying to woo Shuurei XDDD hilarious!!!! XDDD and his expressions!! priceless!!!

hehehe okay enough of me fangirling....

So what's up with my fellow friends during this hols? Can't seem to see Doll online at all, though she did buzz me once when I was asleep (sorry for that!!!! >_<) and as for the rest, well, I did see them on and off online ^^;; sorry guys, my msn is mostly under invisible mode...I really hate interruptions when I'm watching my animes....For some reason, busy icon = "are you really busy?" questions. rofl. kinda funny when you think about it...and somewhat irritating at wrong times. But mostly, I still welcome interruptions, unless when I'm about to go to bed...or to the get what I mean :P

So my current addiction? Saiunkoku Monogatari Season Two - anime. What is yours? :)

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