Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lucifer Loki

Pictures of my new laptop, Lucifer Loki!!! :D :D :D at the moment he's on Vista, but I'm gonna downgrade him to XP for better purposes hahaha....yay i can play cabal on this laptop yay!! way less lag :D :D :D pictures are kinda blur though...took them at like 4am in the morning so yeah...bad lighting in my room hahahahahaha.....

Ignore messy table+background hahaha...

Angled view. blurry pic ;_;

It's a HP Compaq ^^ grey on top actually lol

This is just...for the heck of it :P

Picture is kinda blur here, but I felt the need to snap a pic all the same!! First light on the left, touch it and it pops up the DVD player on the laptop ^^ second light is to mute the sound upon touching it. third and fourth light is to adjust volume by running you finger across it XDDDD

lol my current wallpaper. will change by tomorrow or wednesday once vista is gone, but i like the picture!!! :D :D :D i think i got this from google..can't remember @@''

So what is new in life? Nothing much...been bumming around. I am trying to find the appropriate wear for Guy-Girl look right now. heh. Amazingly hard since I actually dressed up as a Prince before *nudgenudgecinderella* ^^;;

Need to write a thank you letter by hand to my grandaunt for this lappie ^^ Lucifer Loki is currently residing in my bedroom, helping me fangirl over BJDs :D :D :D

And as for me, I am in the midst of sewing something for my friend's BJD aka my godson. hahahaha....I'll post up Aedan's pics if she allows me to some other time. :P

Saving up for Annalise Bell, AF Lily ^^ Her pic is somewhere in this blog, go check it out :P She's Lily from Angel Fantasy. So currently, it's RM300/RM800 for me....RM500 more *sighs*

Asking my dear cousin to buy for me DOD Shall. hehehehe....hope he will! :D :D that cheeky teen will cost me over 2k if I were to get her lol. But then again....slow and steady wins the race...since I wanna get DELF EL before Shall :P Annalise needs a brother before a sister hahahaha....that is...if i even get Annalise lollers. Just hope I can save up enough...and no one bugs me about it.

p/s: reading other people's blogs....tells me stories. heh. mine? i crap too much to emo here lollers. not that I plan to actually emo in this blog anyway...even if i do, it's litterbox time into my private posts!! :D :D :D one experience is bad enough when it comes to blabbermouths lol. I don't give a damn if you read my blog, but zip it instead of venting at my friends, okay?

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