Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ramblings...and Pimpage

Sorry guys, been lazy lately hahaha. I am still in debt of my 5 friends whom I had accepted their dress-up challenge. I need to work on the clothes and camera, possibly during weekdays...heh. Still need to get a few more things before I can accomplish those.

Semester break is here, and I have no idea how to spend my time. I am, for real, lazy. one can deny that, least of all me :P so how have my fellow friends been doing lately? Been out holidaying? How nice.

I've been sketching a few arts lately, some for commission, some are just doodles. Hope I can upload them soon. Too lazy to scan them to my computer.

Another news? I got a laptop!!! :D Again, I'm too lazy to snap a picture of it, so...yeah. Just wait for the picture haha. Or, for my college friends, just wait for it at college when I need to bring it there. Lol. His name is christened Lucifer Loki, and he is my portable husband. Hahahaha...I sound so mean....But heck, I spend my time in front of the computer, and now in front of my laptop, especially during college times since work conquers my yes, they are like hubbies to me XDDDD

And now, for some pimpage on blogs. One is cause it was insisted (lol) and the other cause I like her works, and since she's also looking for part-time jobs as photographer, why not help her? :D

I'm happily drowning in awesome pictures of BJDs at Den Of Angels. You need to be a member to view them though :)

Do view their blogs!!!! :D :D :D

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