Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I'm still saving up for Lily and right now craving for Bobobie's BJDs....*sighs* this goes to show how DoA can affect me in many ways, especially the charisma dolls. But then again, I would definitely get a SD eventually :) there's something about that mature body that makes me wanna dress them up hahahahaha....Okay, I sound perverted. LOL!!!!

*rolls back to DoA and dollfie hunting*

Though seriously, I talk as if I have tons of money to spare...when I don't *sighs* this is where WORK comes in, IF I am even not lazy enough to start work ORZ ORZ ORZ

I really wish I can post up some BJD pictures here that I really fell in love with at the forum, but I think I better not...don't know the rules that well yet so better not try my luck or anything >_<;;

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