Friday, May 02, 2008

Friday 020508

Today was an interesting day...

I had a hiccup in my exam...I think I just lost myself 20 marks thanks to ONE STRUCTURE QUESTION that apparently consists of 20 marks (zomgwtfbbq insane!!!!!). Hope I don't fail this subject....*sighs* oh and by the way, it is English Composition class. First question: "What is expository writing?" Oh wow...I never knew that we need to learn the processes of expository writing instead of learning how to actually apply them in essays *sarcasm*

Aaaaaanyways, joined in the Movie's Class Party at 12.30pm. Onwards with pictures!!!!

Pizzas!!!!! Support Brittania? XDDDDDD

A LOT of pizza boxes

The Leaning Tower of PiZZa XDDDD

from another view

LoL you hungry people you!!!!

Ye Gawds, still thinking about it?!

This is this is this is mine!!!!!

Poor girls...look how hungry they are...

Heh heh heh....


Muahahahaahahaha alllll mine!!!!! >D

Okay got the EAT already!!! >/

The classic slash-ignore (/ignore) many people will it take to force her to eat what she took...

Looks like everyone else started without her in the end...


*peep* You're on candid camera!!!!! XDDDD

Beauty and the Doll

Heh heh heh....illicit love affair? :P I'm no football fan so you decide this on your own XDDDD

*flees from angry stampede*


I created a pair of earrings to match that hairclip. I think I need my glue gun though lol. Manual labor is tough x.x

The hair clip

The earrings (Yeah I know it's simple lol)

The set ^^

Sorry, bad photos....I think I'm just lazy hahahahaha.

AND Finally....

MY EXAMS ARE OVER YAAAAAY!!!!! *anticipates 3 weeks of lazing around with friends* *pops dream bubble* YEAH RIGHT!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA............

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