Thursday, May 01, 2008

Reminding myself...

Remember in January 1st 2008, I mentioned that one of my resolution is to remain single for a year? Oh wait...I did not mention it here... Oh well, I still am holding on to that promise, but of course, it doesn't mean that I would be immune to any heartbreaks or slight misery along the way. *grins* Surprised you? Hahahaha...Well it's true, along the way, I came about to like someone I know. But right now, I am not even in close contact with that someone even though we are closer than we think we are. Ah well, this just adds up to my determination to my resolution, as well as to make sure that I don't hurt anyone, and don't hurt myself in the process! :D

Heh, glad that was out, now I can start focusing on what to read.

Labor's Day. Feel kinda sad that I did not go anywhere. I was supposed to go to Summit today cause it was the last day for Komuniti Links. Pity *sighs* mum was in a horrible mood, cause both sis and I slept our way through. Well heck, it's a holiday after all. We're both pretty much exhausted. AND she has the house to herself every day when sis and I are out. So please, let us rest in peace!!

RM200 has officially been kept for my dolfie. Any extra money will stay there too! Hopefully, if all goes well, I can save enough to pay preshie for my dolfie in August, then she will have the same birthday as me too! :3

No picture spams today. Am not in the mood to snap any pictures...I think I'll work on my crafts instead later. Funny, English Composition II exam is tomorrow, but I don't feel bothered at all. Then again, this is the first time of me knowing that a subject that supposedly teach you how to write essays....has an exam that requires you to fill-in-the-blanks with pointers, instead of having essays for exams. LoL. Damn my lecturer for killing our brains this way..what a waste of money!!!! =_______=;;

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