Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Of Crafts, Accessories and Messy Bookshelf

Yes it is picture time again!!! I feel slightly proud of myself for completing my very first hair clip!!! :D It isn't that nice altogether cause I used white thread instead of red for sewing the ribbon...and that the whole thing is slightly messy....but I still feel proud of myself!!!! XDDDDDDD

Of Crafts...

It's something pretty simple anyway...

How it looks like when worn (sorry too lazy to comb my hair properly :P)

I honestly didn't realize my hand was up there!! o___O

Of Accessories...

1. Silver Choker Necklace - RM15 (Bought at Summit USJ)

Hahaha...shadowing is horrible hahahaha.....*points at necklace*

Nice? :D

2. Bead Ring - RM1 (I think...) (Bought at Komuniti Links)

Hahaha...ugly skin from me!!!!

Another picture of it!

Of The Messy Bookshelf...

Top: College Textbooks
Bottom: Arts&Crafts book, Misc Books

My messy bookshelf :P

Left: My 21st birthday bear present by my sis
Right: My Christmas penguin present by my kor kor ^^


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