Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Toys, Cards and Crafts

Random ramblings again through my pictures...

Miroku-Kun holding my handphone alarm ^~^

Anya-chan feeling lonely when I'm not around =/

Anya: *whimper*
Miroku: Cheer up, sis!

Miroku: awww come, lemme give you a hug! :D

*GLOMP* ^^

Miroku: muahahahaha...I squished my sister!!!! >D
Anya: ............

hahahahha.....enjoyed that? XDDD those two always accompany me when I am down...and when I am sleeping :3

Coming up next...the insanity of MTG cards (we calculated about 6300 cards that day? LOL)

Naosis's bro :P

fear the cards....

Saw those little piles at the bottom? Each pile had 300 cards man!!! XDDDDD

I'm so happy with myself :D

This is what I bought today...Far top left and middle: earrings and hook earrings for DIY purposes. Bottom right and middle right are rose ribbons and mini ribbons respectively ^^ The rest are miscellaneous stuffs XDDDD

Beads I bought off very very VERY cheaply :D Will decide on using them later to make some souvenirs ^^

Remember I mentioned my crafts section is partially organized? This is why!!!!! *gets kicked* XDDDDDDDDDDD

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