Monday, June 16, 2008

Solitary Single...or Solitary Couple?

Recently I remembered one of my New Year resolutions for the year 2008. It was to remain single for this entire year, in order to focus my energy to other works I know will take my time. Guess what? It's almost the end of the month for June, and I am still indeed single!! Not really an accomplishment, since I ain't hunting.

But here's the thing. Being single has its perks, but it definitely has its downside too. Take solitary times, for instance. How sure are you that you won't be attacked by twinges of loneliness, longing, and guilt? Yes, no matter how much one can emphasize on him or her being happy about being super single, there are also times that they will wonder if what they are going through is worth it.

I am, I admit, a single, and I pretty much fall in the category of "Being single rocks!!". I do not fully regret being single (three disastrous relationships are enough for me thank you very much) but at the same time, whenever I come across happy couples, I will start rethinking my vows. True, it is fun being single. No vows, no promises, and no strings attached. But to what extent? Spending the empty days and nights with other means of time-fillers....working non-stop like a workaholic. Yes, those are temporary means of killing time, and denial.

So I guess I am in denial? Perhaps. But I am not ready to commit. Neither am I ready to open up fully to a guy, especially since my foundation of trust has been shaken for more than once. Haha. I am one heck of a cynic, believe me. But what can I say, that is just who the hell I am in the first place. Though I'm not entirely sure what made me this way...I can pretty much well imagine about it.

And then...those who are in relationships.

So you are in a relationship, eh? So how about that? Is it awesome? No regrets? Interesting how your lives changed for the better...or for the worse? I'm making a guess here, but being in a relationship is not truly unlike being single. Sure, you have a loving partner...but then, you will be stressed on different issues instead, such as fidelity, broken promises, time, and so on. Now mind you, I don't mean that every single relationship out there faces these problems, but I have seen and heard enough to come up with this conclusion anyway.

Here's an interesting thought: How certain are you that your partner trusts you fully with his or her heart? Would your partner smile and say "Don't worry, I trust you enough" when you mention that you will be heading off to an outing or gathering with a friend who is the opposite sex of you? And even if he or she does say that, do they really mean it?

I am not trying to stuff or plant seeds of doubt in you guys, so please, don't take this the wrong way. But like I said, I have heard enough about these anyway. Even the strongest of relationships need to go through several 'speed bumps' before an empire stands tall.

So...there are many ups and downs to being single, or in a relationship.

Which one do you fall in?

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