Sunday, August 24, 2008

A day of waiting

Picture taken from the car

Two days back, I sat in the car while waiting for my mum who went to the clinic to check her blood pressure and collect her medicine. Due to utter boredom I had decided to snap some pictures in the car itself. Who knew my sister's car can be so photogenic.

Bluey sitting on the steering wheel

The CJ7 alien thingy dancing beside the steering wheel

The row of stuffles by the front passenger seat

Patrick the Red Dog, a squirrel, an owl, and a Sapphire Birthday Bear hidden behind Patrick at the glove compartment

Teddy, Giraffe and the Frog King sitting side by side behind

The two doggy cushions

Frog King has surprises of its own

Poor Frog Prince and Hedgehod trying to get out

Say hello to everyone now!

See many stickers and danglies!

My sister's phone holder

Scenic View?

Was just trying out angles here

Just a picture post spam hahahaa....gotta go clean the house now tata~!!

1 comment:

Michelle Ho said...

It's called BlubBlub! Not Bluey! And plushies... not stuffles... Arghhh!!!