Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Birthday Thank You and Cosplay Updates

It's updates again!!! :D :D

Last Sunday was my birthday *yay me*

And I spent my birthday being sick *boo hoo* and being at the Animax event at One Utama. Why? Cause SkyPeg asked me to be her helper in the cosplay competition (heck, the prize was favorable XD) so I agreed on that. Heh.

Event was rather dull. I spent over three hours waiting for the darned competition to begin, and believe me, it was boring. Especially since 'cosplayers were not fully allowed to leave the stage area' and also 'cosplayers cannot join in the stage games'. Whoop-de-doo. I wonder if I got those two things wrongly. I know the second one is true for sure, cause the emcee stated that himself. Twice, I might add. Ah well *shrugs*

Ended up staring at boredom trying to keep my flu/fever/whatever at bay...and not fall asleep as well (Saturday was very hectic. Lack of sleep. So yeah). Me and Sky felt so awkward when this bunch of Malay girls started fangirling over us...I'm so not used to it hahahaha. And I think neither is Sky XDDDD But the funniest bit had got to be when a cute shota (a small boy) walked past us with a toy gun in hand and went "whoaaaaaaaaaaa......" hahahahaha. That was reaaaaaaally cute and amusing!!! XDDDD

Cosplay competition was okay, though lack of food + stress + sick made me horribly stage-fright. Darnit. Ah well, at least it all went well. Am just glad that bit was over. So the next one would be photoshoot for Sakura and Syaoran.

Oh and which by the way, the ever-so-lovely emcee kept calling Syaoran as "sayuran" (that means vegetable in the Malay language). Yes, we all went WTF and a lot of them were laughing. I don't know whether to burn with humiliation or with anger. Damn that emcee. It did not help when he continued saying, "So what's next? Daging lembu and kambing?" (That's cow meat and mutton). Damn him. He's really annoying, really. And the "sayuran" name happened more than once. I almost wanted to take up Maka's scythe and throw it straight at that idiot's face. And I know a lot of people supported me on that. LoL.

Ah well, all in short, congrats to Mintochuu for winning first place. And congrats to SkyPeg for winning second place. And congrats to D'A for winning third place. Next time you balik KL tell la D'A...you made me wonder whether I made a mistake of where you live. Bleh.

Thanks Dai for the picture of me and SkyPeg. Didn't expect that, since I had assumed that those polaroid-shots-thingy were on sale and not free-of-charge. Heh.

Hurray for Sky and her persistence!!! I now have enough money to pay off for ALL my wigs for August!!! And also, I bought the blue velvet for Suigin Tou's costume!!!! Yay for me!!! :D :D :D :D :D

Oh and to Naoko, Mintochuu, Dimmie, Sky, Izzu, Zymz, Christy, Dai, Bunny-Chan, Dusty and Masako for your birthday card to me!! *hughughughugs everyone* Yay I got a card!! With a cute kitty in front!!!! :D Though I was amused since I have no kitties of my own but doggies instead hahahahahaahahaha....and yes, I LOL-ed at Sky and Izzu's words in the card XDDDDDDD

And thanks Iluna for the lovely gift!! Moyashimon tea cup...cute!!! XDDDDD Yes, I know I don't know much about Moyashimon, but Deru certainly made it pretty clear for me rofl. Thanks to her drawings on LJ that is hehehehee.....

The box!!! :D :D :D
Lookie, it's a cup!! With bacterias all over it!! XDDDD
The inside of the cup. According to Deru, that is a 'big intestine bacteria' lol

Was drinking Apple Tea just now :D

Nice, right? *pika pika* And this is what my sister's friend, Jessica, gave me as a present! :D (Happy birthday to you too ya? XD)

I guess that means I now have a nice bottle to lug around in college? XDDDDDD hehehe.....

Anyways, thank you all for the birthday wishes!! I'm so sorry if I didn't reply your sms-es!!! m(_ _)m Been having busy days...and somehow gotten lazy today ORZ but thanks all the same!!! :D :D :D

My plans for CF is getting along well now....hoping to do better too!! I'm determined to create better cosplay costumes than before, after all, good tailoring is well suited with good materials, yes? :3 So therefore, I have three costumes to complete before CF (goodness knows why, since CF only will be on for TWO days hahahaa) But the third costume is not so vital, so I will take some time off temporarily on that. Wigs are a pain, but huzzah, I'll be getting them soon! :D :D :D My headache now is the props, in which I will be slowly crafting them (crafting skills +1 again I wonder?)

If you're wondering what plans I'll be having, here's a few pictures to keep you posted... (Note: All female characters, no Male characters yet hahahaha)

Heh. So the first three are my plans. Next year's plans are not on this list though hahahaha. As for the last two plans (Assassin Cross and Assassin from Ragnarok Online), they're more or less my long-term project. Goodness knows when I will properly complete them lol. Need some research on prop-making first, so they're on hold! >_<>

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