Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Amelia's here!!!

Amelia: Oi! Why is this room so messy?! And who are you?!?!

me: ^^; sorry been away and had no time to clear up the room....I'm your new mummy! :D

Amelia: You? My mummy? How come you're not wrapped in those bandage-thingy then >/

me: o_O not that type of mummy!! D: I'm your new owner, your mother! The person who will take care of you

Amelia: hmmmm.....*looks suspiciously* so where will I be staying? Not in this mess I hope

me: Ahhh....about that....*grins sheepishly*

Amelia: Well? Where will I be sleeping?

me: I'm afraid your box will be where you'll be staying for now...

Amelia: WHAT?!

me: >_<;; i don't have enough cash to get for you a bed sorry TwT

Amelia: *sighs* fine....for now

me: ^^;

Amelia: Eh? What's this?

me: ?

Amelia: This! It's soooo cute <3

me: Oh! That's Miroku, my dog ^^ you like him? :D

Amelia: *cuddles* <333333

me: :D yay she likes him!!!

And now I need to sew for her proper clothes!!! hahahahahaa....and restring her properly >_<>_< I don't like this wig that much *sighs*

Anyone knows where to find MSC UV Cut? I wanna redo Amelia's faceup and give her a full body blush plus manicure+pedicure *sighs*

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