Friday, September 05, 2008

A day with friends

SO I had an interesting day with my friends today. I'm guessing that the Photography class affected us even when we're not in the class. Hahahaha.....*waits for Nana's photos on FB*

Karate Chicken Chop brought to you by our very own new cafe, Marvelicious, in our college XD

Ritha's plate just arrived and Doll's plate is almost empty XDDD Yes we all had the same food lol. Except me I guess. Hahahaha....

Miss Yvie with that retro glasses!!! Hahahahaa.....LOOK IT MATCHES WHAT HER SHIRT SAYS TOO XDDDDDD

Yvie and NaNa getting all excited with photography I guess XDDDDD Lookie them snapping piccies of mirror and two piggies!!!! :D

NaNa laughing? XDDDD

Yvie is VERY into photography

Lookie at what Doll bought!!!! AND THEY WERE DIRT CHEAP TOO D: D: D:

Somehow I think NaNa's getting high on Nothing. She's even wackier than the three of us combined. And believe me, we three are already wacky as it is hahahahaha.....Was a fun day~I wish we can do this again, but then, college work calls *sighs*

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