Saturday, September 06, 2008

Amelia's Box Opening Arrival

Ummmm...yeah....this is rather late. I've decided to go to heck with it and use my mum's lappie for this are kinda blurry so sorry about that x.x

Angel Fantasy's box. Pity I couldn't get the classic picture of the box-in-the-box

Blue pillow for Amelia! :P (at least it's not PINK like the box hahahaha)

Mummy-wrapped body (I got impatient oops)

Uhhh.....that bobble up there is actually Amelia's head XDDD

Her body! :D

Her face XP Sorry for the blur pic x.x

Amelia standing up *love*

Her face XD

Of her sitting down

With her wig on ^^

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