Friday, September 12, 2008


Went off with friends to Sunway Pyramid to break fast together. Went to Red Box to have the buffet dinner that we can all have while singing unlimited songs. We asked the lady who took our order for a room whether we could you the RM50-off voucher along with the Student Price for that time. She said YES. And that was why we happily went in.

Had fun, food was nice (OMG THEY HAD SUSHI! ><)...until NaNa received countless calls from her mum who was freaking pissed off at her being late and karaoke-ing. So we left that place at 9.30pm. And so a problem arises after that.
The manager is a rude-ass bastard. NaNa had to rush home because her mum was spitting-mad....and she explained to the manager, can he talk to her mum cause she didn't believe her and demanded to talk to the manager. You see, the voucher that we thought we could use... the manager said no, they do no allow such a thing. So obviously we had a problem there. And you could so obviously see that they were at fault.

The manager didn't want to talk, so ended up YV explaining for poor NaNa to her mum. And when I leaned over to Maxxwu, I overheard the manager (and that bastard's name is Richard Cheong do remember it) muttering to the cashier in Cantonese, "Next time if the mother make so much noise just bring her along only la! Make so much noise only here. If she want to be angry next time just drag her along together, easy!". Or something like that. I looked at him in disbelievement. And I said aloud to Doll and YV, "Uh hello? Does that idiot even KNOW WE ARE ALSO CHINESE?!". Doll said, "I KNOW, HE MUST THINK WE'RE ALL STUPID OR SOMETHING". FUCKING BASTARD. I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW THE HELL DID THAT FUCKING BASTARD BECOME A MANAGER. FUCKER.

We will be filing a complaint over him. Idiot.

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