Monday, October 06, 2008

Chocolatey Goodies!!

Sorry for continuously posting!!! But I really really REALLY need to post this!!! XDDDD

Went to Subang Parade yesterday for dinner, and went to Dessert Bar to have well, dessert (duh!). Guess what we ordered? DARK BELGIUM CHOCOLATE FONDUE. Hehehehehe.....It was awesome, for the price, totally worth it!!!!!

Nuts in a bowl!!! :D :D They gave nuts!!! XDDDD

The home-brewed ice cream that was included. 2 scoops of Chocolate, 2 scoops of Strawberry and 2 scoops of Black Sesame(mum ate this lol)


The set. Wafer was pretty sweet lol. Orange + chocolate = *love*

Dark chocolate belgium <33333

Price? RM38 for that!! Supposed to be for 2 people, but me mum and sis found it hard to finish it. HAHAHAHAHHAHA

Doll, Yvie, Iyliaz....drag Miss Beauty there? :3

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