Monday, October 27, 2008

Why I Should Save Up (Apart for own future bla bla)

My latest craze: dollfies.

Hahahahaha....those who knows me, not surprised eh? >D

Meanwhile I was window shopping for Alex's boyfriend and brother....Her brother will be coming in as soon as my cousin gets a job and gets him for me hahahahahaha (yes I am that evil! >D )

This will be Alex's brother...

He is 60.5cm tall, which means he'll be about 18 years old. He is 5 years older than Alex (lol on me suddenly writing a bio about him). Name? His name is Lucifer L'reffe (pronounced as La-raiffe) Silsendrea. :)

He is Delf El from Luts.

As for Alex's boy, I'm still not sure yet. Debating on DOC Homme Kirill, but still thinking....Cause I like Angel Region's boys, but I can't seem to access the site at the moment :(

These were tempting me, cause BlueFairy's dolls are really sweet and nice

43cm BlueFairy TF Basic Xiao

43cm BlueFairy TF Basic Sarang

*mutter* *mutter*

To buy them, I need to save up....for the next 5 years or so. *sighs*



Meanwhile, I still need to get Alex proper shoes. lol *pats Alex* thank goodness for her godmas!! hahahahaa....

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