Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dollmeet@Secret Recipe The Curve Part 1

We had a dollmeet last week at The Curve and boy, was it fun!! A new venue (instead of Starbucks as usual) and a whole lot of interested interested people approaching us asking about BJDs....and whether we were associated with the Barbie Convention (LOL!!)

Onwards to dollmeet pictures!!! :D

I really like this cutie-pie Nova XD 

Family Picture? Hmmm.....
Clockwise from left: Syfen, Shuya, Azakiel, Nova, Eri

I forgot her name again, so sorry!!! X.x

Even until now, I love Iplehouse's molds!!! *___* This is Inara who belongs to Wesley ^^

I wonder what's Miya asking Jade...

Grumpy Sora who dislikes me snapping pictures of him....and he's wearing Alex's wig!! :D 

Sleepy Ivory belonging to Chris

The wedded couple :)

Handsome Shuya

Sexy Azakiel

Eri in Sora's wig LOL

Eri's back to normal. Now it's Alex's turn hahahaha

Hunky Evael who belongs to Chris!! I love Hounds too TwT 

I call him the Sleepy Model Ryun XD

Eri really looks feminine in this wig

Alex ended up swapping wigs with Sora hahahaha

Nova's jealous because Lunabelle's hogging Chase

Syfen really looks bishie and hot

Vaness, I think. Another Iplehouse mold *___* 


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